Léonie Watson's decks and videos 2018

ConFoo (Montreal, March 2018)

#PerfMatters (San Francisco, March 2018)

FrontEnd NE conf (Newcastle, April 2018)

Bulgaria Web Summit (Sofia, April 2018)

SamSung Create (San Jose, April 2018)

Accessible By Design (Bloomington, May 2018)

DeltaV (London, May 2018)

M-Enabling Summit (Washington DC, June 2018)

London Accessibility meetup (London, September 2018)

BARS (Bristol, September 2018)

No slides for this talk, but the two articles that formed the basis of the talk are available:

Web.Br (Sao Paulo, October 2018)

Accessibility Club (Berlin, November 2018)

Beyond Tellerrand (Berlin, November 2018)

Met Office Tech conference (Exeter, November 2018)

British Gas Engineering Day (London, December 2018)

London Accessibility meetup (London, December 2018)