Flowchart: Revising a W3C Recommendation A Recommendation can be revised. If the changes are editorial it only needs the Director's approval of the Working Group Decision. If they are substantive, but there are no new features, it needs to be represented as a Candidate Recommendation, but if there are new features it needs to begin again as a First Public Working Draft. First Public Working Draft - Exclusion Opportunity First WD WG Decision Director's approval Working Draft WD Publish a New Working Draft WG Decision: review needed, or No change for 6 months Advance to Candidate Recommendation Director's approval Candidate recommendation - Patent Policy Exclusion Opportunity CR Publish a revised CR Working Group Decision, Directors approval Advance to Proposed Recommendation Director's approval Return to Working Draft WG or Director decision e.g. for further review Proposed Recommendation - Advisory Committee Review PR Advance to Recommendation Advisory Committee Review Director's Decision Return to Working Draft AC Review, Director Decision e.g. for minor changes Return to Working Draft Advisory Committee review and Director's Decision, e.g. for further work and review W3C Recommendation REC Proposed change to a Recommendation Initial maturity levels for a modification Substantive Changes? Only editorial changes: Edited Recommendation No Director'sapproval Yes New Features? No new features - return to Candidate Recommendation No Director'sapproval Yes