Léonie Watson's decks and videos 2016

Fluent (San Francisco, March 2016)

CSUN (San Diego, March 2016)

GDS meetup (London, March 2016)

Funka (Stockholm, April 2016)

Ember meetup (London, April 2016)

Cross Government Design (London April 2016)

IA Summit (Atlanta, May 2016)

London Web Standards (London, May 2016)

Enter.JS (darmstadt, June 2016)

CSS Day (Amsterdam, June 2016)

You Gotta Love Frontend (Tel Aviv, June 2016)

Ember Camp (London, July 2016)

Drupal Camp (Bristol, July 2016)

From the Front (Bologna, September 2016)

W3C TPAC Dev meetup (Lisbon, September 2016)

Mirror conf (Braga, September 2016)

AccessiWeb (Paris, September 2016)

Paris Web (Paris, September 2016)

With Chaals McCathie Nevile

Digital Gaggle (Bristol, October 2016)

Fronteers (Amsterdam, October 2016)

Interact (London, October 2016)

Graphical Web (Exeter October 2016)

With Chaals Nevile

ffconf (Brighton November 2016)

Over the Air (London, November 2016)